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Conditions of sales

Post Sales services

In shop tariffs (On line soon)

A few Linux distributions on hand.
We have most of them.

     Services as described in this page and those associated with it, cater to a business related clientele as well as the private consumer. Those two categories commending different needs are laid out consequently as two distinct programs. 

     Nevertheless, a number of services are common  to both clientele. They are in house, warranties and after sales services.

     Service contracts are of two types : Punctual services and Contracted Services. 

     Sales conditions, detail the warranties parameters and the Return of Merchandise.

     Payment methods provide a number of modes including Personal or Company Checks, Postal or Bank Money orders or drafts
and direct deposits, credit cards are not accepted at this time neither are transactions via Paypal

     All pages are very carefully prepared, but it is possible for questions to arise on whatever aspect. In such case, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone to obtain more information or to signal a problem. We shall do our best to answer you to the best of our knowledge and/or to take action accordingly.

Système FoxCon

Visionneer 8820 USB

Écran LCD
CRT Monitors and LCD

HP LJ 4000
Lazer Printers

SMC Baricade 4 ports
Network equipment

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