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Systems & Peripherals   Components
Ordinateur Oui-Yes
4.7 MHz to 3Ghz Intel or AMD
from 95 $ to 3 000 $

Moniteur couleur 17 po.
CRT from 14-21 in
LCD from 14-22 in.
 from 45 to 500 $ 
Imprimante HP LaserJet IIID
Printers Jet, Laser, B/W, Color

from 60 to 1 000 $

from 65 $ tested and delivered with new cartridges

   Oui-Yes Computing for All! is engages into the recuperation of used computing equipment good enough for refurbishing an to put back into service at as low a cost as possible. The objective is to make it benefit people or businesses who are not ready to pay full price for services or new equipment when there is still so much good material around that can be put to use again supported with an A1 set of services.

    We work at rebuilding systems in order to make them functional by incorporating all the necessary components and making them perfectly good serviceable item. With sufficient memory, the machine will allows Web access, will play compact disks and offer, with a software functionality complement, an acceptable level of productivity on a color monitor. That is the base. Multimedia and gaming applications are possible on a limited basis, starting on systems having at least a 166 MHz processor or better. Watch our Product page for la complete list of the goods we have to offer.

    We also provide a range of maintenance services for consumers and businesses alike, under the form of a Service convention. Those services can be attached to extended warranties on materials or software installation, maintenance, debugging  and network services. Those conventions and service warranties range from tree months to tree years in time. Watch for our Services page for a list of the different types of services you can subscribe to.

 We invite you to contact us and to express what you would like to get and we shall take pleasure and do our best to respond to your needs.


Memory from 1Mb to 4Gb all types.

Wired and wireless networking devices

Carte Video ASUS 32 Mo
Modem, Audio, Video, USB and PCMCIA cards
Laptops from 450 $ on
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